Aussies, summer's warmer weather and longer days dial up the potential for epic paddle boarding! Mild waters and sunshine create ideal conditions to step up your workouts. Let's crush some exercises that build balance, strength and stamina while connecting with nature. No better way to shred into the new season!

Core power paddling

Fire up those core muscles right from the start! Engage your abs, obliques and back, rotating your torso with each stroke. Maintain steady rhythm and equal reps on each side to build stability and strength through the center. You'll be radiating power in no time!

Find your zen with SUP Yoga

Welcome tranquillity and flexibility with yoga poses on board! Take downward dog to new levels on the water's surface. Tree pose tests your poise as you find stillness among nature's gentle ripples. Wheel pose opens your chest and shoulders as you gaze at the sky. Paddlers can discover inner zen while improving mind-body balance with the awesome combo of SUP yoga. Namaste!

HIIT sprints for full throttle cardio

Crank up your paddle game with high-intensity interval training! Give each sprint 100% power, engaging your core and pulling through the water with force. Then rest and recover with slow gentle paddling. Repeat these short intense bursts to skyrocket fitness and endurance. HIIT sprints will have your heart pumping in no time!

Leg day means serious burn on the board

Stand strong and put those leg muscles to work! Squats tone your quads, glutes and hamstrings. For balance, try them one-legged! Follow with forward and side lunges to ignite a major burn. Step-ups and calf raises further challenge your lower body. Your legs will be singlet-ready in no time!

Plank variations for full-body engagement

Maximise full-body engagement with planks that challenge your core, arms and shoulders. Start in an elbow plank, then transition to side planks targeting your obliques. For added difficulty try plank walks, moving your hands forward while keeping your body straight. Planks bring the fire from core to toes!

Add swimming intervals


For an extra cardio challenge, add swimming intervals! Jump off your board and swim laps between sets. This combines arm and leg endurance for a full-body blast. Just don't drift too far from your board!

Safety first!

Before any workout, be sure to:

  • Check weather and marine forecasts to ensure safe conditions
  • Wear an approved personal flotation device
  • Attach your ankle leash securely to avoid separation from your board
  • Know the tides and currents in your location
  • Bring plenty of drinking water to stay hydrated

With some sweat and commitment, you'll be shredding fitter than ever this summer. Whether coasting calm lakes or riding coastal swells, seize the season to reach the next level! Now grab your board and let's start toning those paddle muscles. Last one in chefs the barbie!

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