Autumn's curtain call means it's time to show your board some extra TLC before hibernation. Proper storage preserves your beloved ride's pristine condition so it's primed for maximum aquatic shredding when temperatures heat up again.

So, let's do this right:

Make it sparkle with a deep clean

First, show some love with a thorough rinse or gentle wash. Remove every speck of salt, sand and gunk so your board is looking fresh. Pay special attention to fin and hardware areas where grime loves to hide. A truly deep clean leaves your board looking brand new!

Seek sheltered sanctuary

Indoor storage like a garage or shed provides supreme protection from the elements, preventing potential damage from temperature swings and UV rays. But if that's not possible, invest in a heavyweight board bag or cover for backup armour against the weather's wrath.

Release tension across the board

Loosening straps and leashes prevents pressure points and stress during downtime, maintaining your board's awesome structural integrity. Easing the tension keeps performance primed for maximum paddle boarding next season!

Inspect for peels, leaks or damage

Give your board a meticulous once-over, catching any punctures, delamination or other defects before they worsen over time. Check fin boxes and valves to confirm everything is solid. Address issues now and your board stays in peak condition.

Consider fins out for storage

Removing fins prevents strain on fin boxes, especially if storing vertically. One less point of pressure preserves performance. You also remove the risk of catching the fin and damaging it. Store fins safely so they don't get lost before next season's adventures.

Deflate inflatable SUPs

For inflatable boards, fully deflate and carefully fold. Store away from sun, heat and pointy objects that could cause punctures. Storing in a cool, dry spot maintains integrity so it's ready for air next season! If you want to keep the board inflated for maximum readiness, consider releasing some of the pressure so you only have a little pumping to do, but keep the strain off your stored board.

Check-in while in storage

Even in hibernation, peek in periodically to ensure all's well. Watch for pests, moisture or temperature-related warping. Your board deserves a little love while it waits patiently for your next aquatic adventure!

Mindful re-entry when waking from slumber

When time comes to dust off your board, take it slow and steady. Thoroughly inspect for damage, secure all fins and hardware, rinse away debris and refamiliarise yourself with its sweet shape and handling. Then get ready to make a splash!

With proper storage care, your board stays ready to rock another season of paddleboarding bliss. Show a little love now and maximise the good times to come.

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