Paddleboarding has become a popular hobby that everyone can enjoy, whether you share yours with your family for days out together, or by yourself when you just need to breathe and hear yourself think. Over the years it has become evident that paddleboaring can have such a positive impact on not only our physical health, but also our mental health.

A person paddle boarding on a Blue MAX paddle board.

Although many of us were initially attracted to the sport as a fun holiday activity, we’ve stuck with it for other reasons. Having a paddle board means that you don’t just have more opportunities in your local area, but it also gives you the chance to get out and explore the world. Exploring the outdoors and creating your own little adventures can also help clear your mind to help ease away those chaotic thoughts and everyday stresses.

Studies show that exercise can help treat mild to moderate depression, because getting your body up and moving releases endorphins, which energise your spirits and make you feel good all over! It can also serve as a calming distraction. So paddling down a canal or through a wave is sometimes exactly what your body and mind need. Not only are you getting out and doing exercise, it also gives you that little extra endorphin boost which can refresh and uplift the brain when it needs it most!

Two people on Rainbow MAX and Teal & Midnight PACE paddle boards.

As more paddleboards are being sold, more communities are being created and expanding. These are a great way to find other enthusiasts that have similar hobbies and loves to your own. Being able to engage with these communities has been huge in terms of keeping us paddling and making new friends along the way. Check out the link below to join our community!

So why not go seek that much needed respite out on the water this Summer?

Happy Paddling.

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two people paddle boarding at sunset and talking

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