Paddle like a pro

Chapter 1
Getting started:
How to set up

Introduction to the video course

Benefits of paddle boarding

Essential equipment for paddle boarding

Recommended paddle boarding equipment

Chapter 2
Basics of getting into the water

Inflation board setup

Getting on your paddle board

Paddling on your knees and standing up

Falling in safely

Board stances

Getting off your board

Chapter 3
Paddle technique

How to hold your paddle

If you lose your paddle prone paddling

How to paddle

Paddling in a straight line

How to stop

Basic turning

Advanced turning

Chapter 4
Paddle boarding mistakes to avoid

Common mistakes

Chapter 5
How to stay safe

Introduction to safety

Assessing the lay of the land

Dress for the occasion

Rules of watercraft

Chapter 6
Where to ride

SUP locations

Chapter 7
Maintaining & repairing your iSUP

Cleaning your SUP


Repairing your board

Chapter 8
Course round-up

Course complete summary