A paddle boarding adventure is always a fun day out, whether you are with family, friends or on a solo ride. But have you ever got to your half way point and noticed you’re starting to flag? No matter how long you are out on the water, keeping your energy up and making the most of your time outdoors is important. The best way to do this is to pack some healthy snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, having the right snacks on hand can make a big difference in your performance and overall experience. After all, no one likes running on empty, or being on a long trip with a “hangry” other half! In this article, we'll share some tips and ideas for taking healthy snacks on your next paddle boarding adventure, so you can stay energised and enjoy every moment of your time on the water.

Snack and drink ideas for your next SUP trip

a selection of finger foods


Fresh Fruit (on skewers)

Even if you don’t get the fruit on the skewers, it is still just as easy to take around with you on the paddleboard. Full of nutritional values and super hydrating, fruit is the go to snack to fuel up your day out.

You can use strawberries, pineapple, apple, kiwi, banana to make funky fruit skewers for that juicy, healthy easy light bite.

Lunchtime wraps/sandwiches

Wraps can be such a quick and easy thing to do whilst also being a super filling lunchtime meal. Try creating wraps such as ‘spinach, halloumi, pepper, tomato, cucumber’ or ‘lettuce, cucumber, falafel, hummus pepper’. Add your favourite sauce to the wrap to give it that extra flavour, and viola.

Alternatively, you can always go for the classic sandwiches if the above doesn’t sound up your street; ‘ham and cheese’, or ‘cucumber’ or ‘cheese and tomato’, or ‘egg and cress’.


Homemade granola bars

Packed full of flavour and healthy goodness, granola bars don’t have to be an exercise in themselves - making them yourselves can help you add in the tasty goodness that you want or your kids want.

Check out the recipe here


Banana bread

Whether warm or cold , banana bread is definitely up there (in our opinion) as one of the best sweet treats! Perfect for a breakfast snack to get you going, a midday snack to keep you going or an end of the day snack to treat yourself for the hard paddle day you have had out.

Check out the recipe here

Cookies (chocolate chip)

Warm, melt in your mouth cookies are such a fun and simple treat that everyone loves! Easy to share, or not share, and simple enough to pack away in a container and fit into your backpack for a midday cheeky bite.

Check out the recipe here

Banana Sesame Cakes (Aquaplanet’s new favourite snack)

Homemade recipes can be such a fun activity to share with the little one, and one member of staff has decided to share this recent recipe with us all that we just had to share with you.

Smoosh one banana and mix with 1 cup sesame seeds, bake for 25 mins at 180 and you have a healthy, energy rich snack that’s easy to wrap & take on the go. (You can add choc chips as well if that takes your fancy)


a selection of refreshing drinks

We always advise never to drink when paddling, this can be dangerous to yourself and to those around you which is why we have found some super fun and exciting mocktails to take out onto the water with you. (Please note that even though it isn’t in this list, we do also recommend taking out water with you as well).

Blackberry Virgin Mojito

If you like a classic cocktail, why not try adding a splash of blackberry for a fruity twist on the minty classic. If blackberries aren’t your thing, why not try swapping them out for another berry that takes your fancy.

Check out the recipe here

Strawberry Lemonade

Simple, but loved by the whole family. You can’t go wrong with this strawberry twist on a classic homemade lemonade.

Check out the recipe here

Virgin Cranberry Sangria

Everyone’s favourite Spanish classic. By making the most of the fruits in season, this is perfect for any time of year. Whether you choose cranberries and orange slices in the winter, or strawberries and raspberries in the summer, this one won’t let you down.

Check out the recipe here

Raspberry Sherbet Punch

A favourite with the kids! This sweet and cheeky punch is perfect for adding that extra bit of sparkle to your paddling picnic.

Check out the recipe here

Frozen smoothies/juice

On a hot day you can take the bottle frozen and by the time you want it, it’ll be defrosted but still nice and cold.

Check out the recipe here

Creating fun and different snacks for your next outdoor adventure could be just what you need to sweeten up your day out. Try making these fun recipes with your kids or your friends before adventuring out to make even more memories and kickstart your day together. Don’t forget if you have any of your own snack ideas that you would like to share with others, comment below… We would also love to hear from you,

Stay safe & Happy Paddling!

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